Growing up as a child of German immigrants, I was surrounded by Scandinavian designed teak furniture.  

Like many of my generation, I collected mid-century modern furniture but it was hard to find and afford what I wanted so I started making my own.

In 1992, while working in a North Vancouver wood shop, I made my first set of shelves. The shelves were moved and reconfigured for every place I lived. People expressed interest in my shelves, but having no access to a wood shop I couldn't do more. 

When finally I accumulated enough tools of my own for fine cabinet making, I made the Edo dining table which became my most liked image on facebook 

Using the left over wood from that table I decided to make some shelves and desks for my two young boys. The shelves had to grow with them, be strong enough to withstand them and be efficient enough to fit in their small room. From this evolved the shelving systems that has become modeller.